A Clear Night

Let's go stargazing!

See the stars without light pollution

Living in a city, I can only see a few stars even on a clear night. For years I've dreamed of seeing a sky full of stars with the Milky Way arching overheard. Maybe you have too.

Now we can. Let's go stargazing!

A different sky full of stars every month

The sky changes monthly so it's just like what you'd see in real life.

Use with Google Cardboard

Or a similar headset. Just pop your phone in and go! You may need to download the Google VR Services app for A Clear Night to work properly.

Free. No in-app purchases.

The stars belong to us all.

Special thanks to the creators of Stellarium

I would not have been able to make A Clear Night without it, and I am deeply grateful to its creators for making the stars available to all.

Created by Shannon Turner so we might all see the stars